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Are you tired of wasting time and money on ineffective lice treatments? Put your family's treatment needs in the hands of our qualified professionals and get the peace of mind you deserve. At Lice Hunter, our team focuses solely on delivering safe, natural lice and nit removal. We like to call ourselves "The Lice Doctors" because we know we have the training, skills, and experience needed to get rid of your pest problems in as little as a single treatment. Offering effective treatments and safe, ecofriendly products, you can count on our head lice clinicians in Grand Rapids, MI, to relieve your family of those crawling sensations.

Discovering that your child has come home with lice can be alarming. You may feel compelled to immediately wash everything including their hair, clothes, and bedding. While a simple wash may remove the bugs from clothing and bedding, removing them from your child's hair is much more difficult. Don't spend a great deal of time and money on ineffective over-the-counter treatments and prescription medications. Instead, visit our practice for professional treatment from our certified lice specialists and put your infestation issues to rest for good.

"The Lice Doctors" Utilize Safe, Effective Products and Treatments

At our treatment center, our dedicated staff is committed to preserving your family's health and well-being. As a team of dedicated lice removal specialists, we believe that lice treatments don't have to contain harmful toxins or pesticides to be effective.

Instead, our products contain active enzymes that eradicate lice and nits without any risks or harmful side effects. As a strand by strand lice removal clinic, our team uses only the safest and most effective methods of lice and nit removal.

Hair with Head Lice in Grand Rapids, MI

Save Money on Future Visits with Our Exclusive Membership

In addition to helping you save money by avoiding ineffective home remedies and treatment methods, our clinic provides you with additional ways to save when you turn to us. Our head checks start at $30 for the first family member and decrease with each successive family member who is checked. However, if our head lice technician finds an active case of head lice and you opt for treatment, your head fee check is immediately waived.

Take a proactive approach to your family's needs by signing up for an exclusive membership. As a member you are given unlimited head checks, 50% off on treatments, and 20% off on our in-store lice prevention products. With our lice clinic service, you can start saving and stop scratching.

Contact our "The Lice Doctors" at Lice Hunter to put an end to your pest problem. We proudly serve families in Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids, Rockford, Grandville, Whitneyville, Plainfield, Wyoming, and Walker, Michigan.